Act Like Men - Dr. John MacArthur

This week's Sunday School class comes from Dr. John MacArthur.  I've listened to a number of his messages over the past few weeks and this one really wraps up a lot of good thinking specifically for the men in the church.

They're Not Just Stories

It's the long weekend here in the U.S. and so I have to confess - I took a break.  Don't worry - I'll still be your teacher!  We're going to walk through the Old Testament together in about 40 minutes.

How To Study The Bible In Three Easy Steps

As Christians we are required to treat the Scriptures with respect and use it correctly.  Sometimes it's hard to understand what a passage is saying!

The Legacy of Jesus

Happy Father's Day!  This week we're talking about legacy.  Specifically - the Legacy of Jesus by Dr. John MacArthur.  I'm a fan (of course) of MacArthur.  He consistently offers great insights into the Word.  

connecting the gospel

Outside of Jesus There Are No Answers

A number of people let me know how much they appreciated last week's Sunday School lesson with Dr. Voddie Baucham.  In light of what's going on these days, I thought this follow-up message would be helpful.

Can you separate a movement from the organization behind it?  I don't think you can.  

Divided We Fall

Divided We Fall

This week's Sunday School class is a tough one.  

There is so much going on in the world this week.  

You may be tired of hearing about racial tension and racial divide, but you need to watch this video today.

Have The Guts

This week we're looking at a book about one of my heros.  The book is God's Smuggler.  It was written in 1968 and it's still as powerful today as it was back then.

This is a bit of a longer lesson, but the telling of his story warranted a couple of chapters.

A New Day

A New Day

In this week's installment of our online Sunday School class, we look at a poem (yes - I've read some poems) - A New Day by Heartsill Wilson.

Heartsill Wilson was an accountant in Texas who also worked on the sales staff of Chrysler. Considered one of the finest sales consultants of that automotive industry, he was one of the most respected motivational speakers of his time.

All I Really Need to Know

This week's book is a fun little book about something we all miss (I'm not going to give away the title here...)

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