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Biblical Church Week 10

If I asked you to state the purpose of the church - what would you say? 

How about the vision statement of our church?

What does the Bible say is important in the life of a church?

The spiritual gifts

An Overview of the Spiritual Gifts

We've been talking about the spiritual gifts over the past couple of weeks.  '

Biblical Church - Week 8 - Worship and Preaching

Worship isn't JUST what we do on Sunday morning - worship is something we do every day as we submit to God - (Romans 12:1-2).  But is our Sunday morning "worship" relevant to the people we're trying to reach?

Make the Church Irresistible

This morning the men's and ladies classes joined for breakfast... (yum!).  We took a break from our series to do a quick overview of Philippians 2:1-11.  Touching on the "Great Command" and the "Great Commission", we looked at why Paul it so necessary to have "his joy made complete".

Biblical Church - Week 6 - Renewed Faith

In addition to the need for leadership... we need a renewed faith.

1. Renewed belief in Jesus Christ and the mission of the church. 

2. Renewed attitude for servanthood.

3. More strategic prayer effort.

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Biblical Church - Week 5 - Nehemiah’s Leadership

Nehemiah’s leadership has been the subject of countless books and articles over the years.  He was even the focus of a portion of Dr. Howard Hendricks’ first leadership course at Dallas Seminary in 1988.  This week we took a deeper look at what Nehemiah did in the first 4 months after he got the news about the walls.

Biblical Church - Week 5 - Leadership (PDF)

A Biblical Church - Week 3

So... we’re having an interesting time with this question:  What does a biblical church look like?  To answer that question (beyond the fundamentals of preaching, worship, prayer and witnessing), we’re focusing on what a missionary does when they go to a new culture.

A Biblical Church - Week 2

We continued on from our first week study, talking about a “missional” church.

A Biblical Church

We’re starting a new study on what “church” should look like.

Discipleship Week 12

What does God expect from us?  What’s the vision for your Christian walk?  We answered this question during our class together

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