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Nehemiah 11-13

As we finish out the book of Nehemiah, we see a familiar problem.

For 12 years, Nehemiah was the governor over Jerusalem before he returned to Babylon to serve the King.  We're not sure when he returned (probably around 2 years later), but when he did, everything had fallen apart.  The priests, levites and those who took care of the temple had abandoned their tasks.  Even the most ardent enemy of Nehemiah had moved into one of the storage rooms in the Temple!

Nehemiah 7-10 - A Census, the Law, Confession & Commitment

Once the walls were done, Nehemiah turned his attention to restoring the people.

pdfNehemiah - 7-10

Nehemiah 6 - 3 Foiled Plots and the Walls Are Completed

Nehemiah 6 gives us a glimpse into the intense opposition he faced as he completed the task God had given him.  With each plot, Nehemiah responded with insight, wisdom and a firm belief in God's revealed plan.

pdfNehemiah 6

Nehemiah 4 & 5 - Opposition & Sin

Whenever we try and do something great for God, Satan is right there hoping, scheming and working towards your utter failure.  Nehemiah faced tremendous opposition from leaders of surrounding areas - all of whom hated what was happening in Jerusalem.

Nehemiah dealt with with prayer and action!


Nehemiah 3 - The People Build the Wall

Chapter 3 is the overview of everyone that participated in the building.  As such, this chapter gives us a glimpse both into Nehemiah's leadership and the people's response of building.

pdfNehemiah 3

Nehemiah - Chapter 2 - Be Prepared

This week we cover just 5 verses (2:16-20).  It's important to see God's overall plan for Nehemiah, the people and Jerusalem.

The key takeaway:  If God is in it - nothing (no-one) can stand against it.

pdfNehemiah Ch. 2 - Part 2

Nehemiah - Chapter 2 - The Journey

After the king gave him his blessing, letters and an armed guard, Nehemiah set off on a two month journey to Jerusalem.

pdfNehemiah Chapter 2

Nehemiah - Chapter 1

Nehemiah was an incredible servant of God.  When he heard what was going on in Jerusalem, he mourned, wept, fasted and prayed... then got ready!

pdfNehemiah - Introduction Week2

Nehemiah - Introduction

Nehemiah is an Old Testament figure who's story ends the history of the Old Testament.

There are 12 chronological books in the Old Testament - Genesis, Exodus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, 1 & 2 Samuel, 1 & 2 Kings, Ezra and Nehemiah.  400 years of silence follow the events in this book.

Revelation 22 - Even So Come Lord Jesus

In this the last chapter of the Bible, John concludes all of Scripture with the plea - Even so come, Lord Jesus.  Amen

pdfDownload Revelation 22 Notes

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