Old Testament Prophecy Fulfilled in Jesus Part 8

We titled this weeks class "Jesus, Our Redeemer".  All of the verses are from Isaiah.

Old Testament Prophecies about Jesus p9f.pdf

Old Testament Prophecies About Jesus Part 5

This week we talked about Sacrifices, Righteousness and Parables (we didn't actuallly get to the parables part)

pdfOld Testament Prophecies about Jesus Part 5

Old Testament Prophecies About Jesus - Part 4

This week we look at 3 more prophecies and introduce "types" - a concept that comes from the Greek word tupos which can mean literally an impress or imprint.  Certain events, places, things or people prefigure the work of Christ or an aspect of his kingdom.

pdfOld Testament Prophecies about Jesus part 4.pdf

Link to article from the Gospel Coalition -

You can download all of the PDF's at

Old Testament Prophecies About Jesus

This is the introductory session.

There are 4 main things to remember about prophecy in the Old Testament:

  1. Don't see Jesus behind every prophetic "tree".  While there are many prophecies about Jesus in the Old Testament, we don't stretch every story or prophecy to make Jesus fit into it.
  2. A prophet had to 100% accurate to be considered a prophet.
  3. Prophecies typically have a short-term fulfillment but may have a long-term fulfillment as well.
  4. Long-term fulfillments are often declared in the New Testament - usually by referencing the prophecy.

pdfOT Prophecies About Jesus - Introduction.pdf

Proverbs 30 - The Wisdom of Agur

This chapter in Proverbs is penned by Agur.  We don't know anything about him except that was an oracle - a man with a weighty message.  A lot of great wisdom in this chapter!

pdfProverbs 30

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