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Discipleship 101 - Week 7 - The Word

Week 7 of our 12 week discipleship course focuses on the Word of God.  There’s simply way more content than we could cover in an hour - but here’s the summary.

Discipleship 101 Week 5 Growing in Your Christian Life

D4A10762 EB63 43C6 8AD0 2B4149C72CD2We’re working our way through 12 weeks of discipleship as if we were discipling a new believer.  Week 5 of the process talks about growing as a new believer.

Discipleship 101 - What Happens at Salvation

Wow - there’s just a ton of things that happen to a person when they accept Christ as their Savior!

In week two of our discipleship course, we talked about some of them.

pdfDownload the PDF here.

33 Things that Happen At Salvation

Here’s the PDF I mentioned in class today...


Discipleship 101 - A New Series

January 27th, 2019:  We started a new series in the men’s class today.

Parables of the 10 Virgins and Talents

We’ll be wrapping up our study in the parables next week.  The last two we studied are the parables of the 10 virgins and 3 servants who were given talents to manage.


Men’s Class - Parables September 9th, 2018

This week we looked at the parable of the Wedding Feast in Matthew 23.

Jesus shared this parable on the Tuesday before His crucifixion.  We’re seeing a transition from talking about the future of the disciples and the church, to a much later future that involves Israel at the end of the age.

August 26th - the Parable of Vineyard Workers

This week we looked at the parable of the workers in the vineyard.

The subject of the parable is reward for the willingness to serve, whether one comes early or late. Jesus is not teaching economics or wealth distribution.

A Denarius for the day - a good wage for a rural worker

The point of the parable:  God’s grace and generosity know no bounds and man’s ideas of merit and earned rewards are irrelevant.


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