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by Rod Martin
Due to the weather, this was an abbreviated service, and shortened message. Click on the READ link to download the slides. Message starts at about 1:15.
Duration:36 mins

Due to the weather, this was an abbreviated service, and shortened message.

Please feel free to pdfdownload the presentation (pdf)8 MB.

I got a question in my email this week regarding Satan's power over nature.  Here is my response:


Within God’s permissive will (ie. God allows it to happen) I believe things happen in nature based on three things:
  1. Its a fallen world.  All of nature is fallen and “things happen” (i.e.. Hurricane Katrina) because nature is no longer perfect.  Genesis 3 is pretty clear about that.
  2. Sometimes God uses nature in His plan (Genesis flood being the prime example).
  3. In the passage in Job, Satan is give permission to test Job.  Fire from heaven and a mighty wind kill Job’s flocks, servants and children.  Satan even caused painful boils all over Job’s body and probably would have killed him, except he was not permitted to do so.  That is the kind of “power over  nature” I was referring to.
Additionally - remember the temptations of Christ.  He was shown all the kingdoms of the world at once.  I don’t believe this is a metaphor.  I believe Satan had the power to put on display everything he “owns”.
The key things to remember are:
  1. The “cosmos” - the world order that Satan has established is his, and his purpose in it is to become “God”.
  2. We are not of this “cosmos” or world.  
  3. We can NOT emphatically say “this disaster is Satan’s doing”… we aren’t God, don’t know His mind at any given time and certainly don’t know His moment by moment plans.  We do know that Satan has been given great latitude over the world, but to assume that every disaster is his doing I think would be a mistake.
  4. Satan’s “plan” for the cosmos changed at the cross.  He was judged and sentenced.  The Holy Spirit now indwells believers - so Satan’s power is diminished against Christians (1 John 4:4).  For instance, we see a LOT of demonic influence via possession and oppression during the life of Christ - but we see relatively little of it after the cross… This is what I wanted to focus on if time had permitted… 



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