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Men's Class - Acts

The book of Acts covers the time from the resurrection to around 65 AD.

Men's Class - The Gospels

The thirteenth book in the chronology of the Bible is actually a collection of books.  We combined the gospels to give us a clear look at the life of Christ and the first 33 years of the 1st century.

Men's Class - Nehemiah

Nehemiah is the last Old Testament book in the chronology of the Bible.  It chronicles the re-building of the walls around Jerusalem in about 445BC

Men's Class - Ezra

Ezra is the 11th chronological book in the Bible.  It documents the re-building of the temple under Zerrubabbel and the return from captivity under Ezra.

Men's Class - 2 Kings

The ninth book in the chronological books of the Bible is 2 Kinds.

1 Kings 12 - 2 Kings covers the divided kingdom - from 931 - 586 B.C. This covers from the death of Solomon to the Babylonian captivity.

Men's Class - 1 Kings

The first 11 chapters of 1 Kings focus on Solomon's reign.  You can remember the 3 kings of the united kingdom by the number of syllables in their name:  Saul (1 Samuel), David (2 Samuel) and Solomon (1 Kings).  This week we focused on the most wise person that ever lived and how even his advanced wisdom didn't keep him from losing his focus and almost his faith by the end of his life.

Men's Class - 2 Samuel

As we progress through the chronology of the Bible, we come to 2 Samuel - the history of David's reign on the throne of Israel.  There are so many things we could cover here!  

Men's Class - Judges

This was week 6 of our chronological walk through the Bible in the Men's class. We focused on Judges and the cycle of disobedience that flows through the book.

There are 7 major social, economical and spiritual "ups and downs" under the Judges that span 400 years.  Each cycle lead to further depravity.  Perhaps the saddest story in the Bible is found at the end of this book.

Men's Class - Joshua

This was week 5 of our chronological walk through the Bible in the Men's class. We focused on Joshua. We focused on Joshua 1 - where God said to Joshua, "be strong and courageous".

Men's Class - Deuteronomy

This was week 4 of our chronological walk through the Bible in the Men's class.

We focused on Deuteronomy - Moses recounting of the Law to the generation that grew up in the wilderness.

Here's the whiteboard...

deuteronomy white board


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