December Update - Upwards Basketball

For some time I was pondering what we could use our Christian Life Center at First Baptist Church for to get more use of it. I was thinking about something for children as there are many children in our small area. I prayed for sometime for God to help me with this thought. One Sunday after Church, my wife and I were coming home from dinner and we went by a church that had an Upward Basketball banner in the front lawn. I told my wife “That’s it”. God answered my prayers and led me to a ministry that we could have at our church in the Christian Life Center.

After gathering information about Upward I began talking to another congregant in the church and he agreed that Upward would work at First Baptist of Aurora. We met a few times and I talked several times with the corporate office of Upward in Spartansburg, South Carolina. We then approached our Deacon Board and presented the idea to them and to our congregation. Upward basketball was approved at our next business meeting and we were off and running !!

After Upward was approved by our congregation another congregant asked to help and we were on our way. The three of us took our training on the computer and we were off and Running with Upward at First Baptist Church of Aurora. Initially we hoped for and prayed for 30 children to sign up to play. We also decided to keep the price as low as we could. We talked about trying to have some scholarships available for those who otherwise would not be able to participate. Enough donations were given to Upward to be able to give 25 scholarships.

We are now getting ready for our first practices and our upcoming first games on January 30, 2016. We though 30 participants would be a good number for the first year of Upward Basketball at First Baptist church of Aurora. We are proud to say that God heard our prayers and we thank Him for guiding us through the program to this date. We now have --63--participants ready to start Upward in January. We also were able to give --16-- scholarships to those who would otherwise not have been able to participate. With God, Anything is possible !!!

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